Welcome to NMBAQC

The NE Atlantic Marine Biological Analytical Quality Control (NMBAQC) Scheme provides a source of external Quality Assurance (QA) for laboratories engaged in the production of marine biological data.

The scheme is made up of seven distinct components, each run by separate scheme administrators and technical managers. Each of the components can be viewed via the top navigation menu under Scheme Components.

The NMBAQC scheme is open to participants from across the European Union. All UK Competent Monitoring Authority laboratories and their contractors undertaking sample analysis for statutory marine monitoring programmes are required to participate within an externally run analytical quality control scheme. The NMBAQC fulfils this role.

The scheme reports to HBDSEG (the Healthy & Biologically Diverse Sea Evidence Group) under the U.K.’s Marine Monitoring & Assessment Strategy (UKMMAS).

A flyer with more information about NMBAQC can be found here, and the annual reports are here. Our current list of participants in the scheme can be found here.

A statement on protected species on the Wildlife and Countryside Act can be found here.

Want to join the Scheme?  If you are interested in joining us please see below contact details for the Technical Manager of each component. For general enquiries please contact Claire Taylor, Technical Secretary and for contractor enquiries please contact Ross Griffin at Ocean Ecology: